Niet Meer

July 24, 2017 - 103 views

On 'Niet Meer', the Rotterdam-based Anthony Lobato sings about the blur of love and the distance that creates between two people. This Caribbean R & B track is not about a broken heart but about a heart that can get hurt. It is the first single to be launched in multiple releases.

The track is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Deezer. His passion for music unfolds at the young age at the music studio 'Cool Town' under the guidance of Lemuel Dasburg. Now, years later, Anthony Lobato is a singer-songwriter and producer. He offers music workshops to the youth of Rotterdam in his studio studio Studio 33. With his collective '25 / 8 Music Group 'he has set up various projects.

"I think it's important that I can return something to the neighborhood where I grew up, the Old West. Now that I've fallen and got up my way and pursuing my goals, I want to motivate others to do this too. "