Oldies But Goodies (Den Bahul) Fruzitime Radio

Weekend, from 12:00 to 20:00

"Den Bahul" translated from Papiamento means "in or from the suitcase". The music you'll hear on Fruzitime Radio has a history of its own as it takes a lot of us back to those good old days when we were teenagers in Curacao.

Hosting this show live on air makes this show even more special when we dedicate to you or you receive your "saludos" (shout-out) live on air. 

About the music: from Doble RSSS to Gio Fuertisimo we play those goodies but oldies and most of them are live recordings at parties that we know sure you visited back then at Club Facade, Studio 99, Hofi Biesheuvel, Curacao Festival Centre.

The show airs live from Arnhem and is recorded so you can hear it back on our podcast page.

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