Claudius Philips releases a brand new ballad “Bisami Awo"

August 01, 2017 - 171 views

After 16 years it's finally time that the single “Bisami Awo” by Arubian musical genius, Claudius Philips gets to see the light. The track is the kind of ballad that you don't get to here nowadays and unconsciously reminds us of tracks like " Si Ta Muchu Laat (Pa Bisa Sorry) from the 90's. According to Claudius Philips it was time to bring these feelings back. With his band O.R.E.O. he has composed many "danceable" hits. As a matter of fact the latest ballads he has composed was the big hit “Hasiendo Cos Romantico” (better known as “Mi Ke Bo Paga E Lus”) also from the late 90's.

“Bisami Awo” will start to air as of today here in Holland on this station but for the past days already has received positive feedback on the islands. The song is originally from his idol ,Ilan Chester which Claudius had the pleasure to meet last year on Curacao. The song is accompanied by a videoclip (see below). Definitely a big hit single by Claudius Philips which we're sure be well received by his massive fan base in Curacao, Aruba and Holland. As with all other new tracks you can cast your vote for “Bisami Awo” on the music page. More likes= higher in our Top 10

Stay tuned as there are many upcoming musical projects Claudius Philips. Enjoy