Ephrem J

CountryDutch Caribbean
Official websitehttp://www.ephremj.com/

With a name that begins to resonate strongly in different countries, Ephrem J holds firm the conviction that took him from boy to the scenes: "I will be an international artist who will raise the flag of Curacao". Although born in this small West Indian nation, and where it has grown and developed its artistic potentialities, it is a multicultural interpreter with Hindu, Latin and Dutch roots, something that is noticed, positively, in the well that manages the diverse mixtures rhythmic that compose His repertoire. Also, this feature has helped him to learn to speak, and to sing, in several languages ​​without much difficulty.

But to play the theme of his foray into the show, Ephrem Jonathan Ocalia (his first name) dates back to the 90's when he turned 12. At that age, he says, he was already composing his own songs and had his dream of being a tight soul singer. But he continued with his evolution as a musician and later moved on to a new grouping, which allowed him to expand his musical knowledge and work with authors of many genres and great experience. When fulfilling his commitments there, he arrives in the ranks of a third band that, according to Ephrem, became very popular in his nation, breaking out in the same way in the rest of the Antilles ..

And in the midst of the maelstrom of all that success achieved, with several prizes under his arm, in 2006, the restless young man decides to leave the group to go in search of a goal that, despite having won so many triumphs, had not forgotten : Internationalization.

In this way, he made his solo debut at the record level in 2007 with "Speranza", a clearly romantic album, "pure ballads", which he wrote inspired by love and his passions. Both the song "Speransa" ("Esperanza"), and "Stimabu So" (whose version in Spanish is titled 'I fell in love'), were positioned very high in the local lists of popularity.

At that time, he lived one of the most decisive moments of his career in front of an audience of more than 10,000 people in the concert "Big Shot", in October of 2007, where he was able to animate and make dance the human sea in what is known As one of the largest shows in the Dutch Caribbean. But another good first impression as a soloist was obtained by being recognized internationally by the most prestigious panel of music judges in the world, who selected the song "Stimabu So" as the second finalist in the "Music" category in the " International Composition 2008 ".

At the local level, its success did not go unnoticed. There, in his native country, he was awarded the "Edgar Supriano" as "Singer of the Year" by the National Association of Musicians and Artists. And so came other honors ("Karabela Awards", "Latin Prize") that distinguished him as "The Best Voice", "Song of the Year"; Accreditations as "Soloist of the Year", "Best music video" and "Best Artist of the Year", making him the most renowned singer in the Caribbean area of ​​the last five years with a record number of awards in his name.

Already for December of the same year it released its second album: "Latin Evolution", with several tropical songs, showing once again its talent and versatility like singer and composer. At this point, this curazoleño examined the music market to check which genres liked the most. So he decided to set himself a new challenge, and was to release his third album, but intoning new rhythms, especially the one he considers to be "stronger", bachata.

"I feel good singing any genre because I had to interpret them all in my first years of career, so it's a pleasure for me to work with bachata now, to experience it and to identify with it as I did with its great exponents like Juan Luis Guerra "He says. The best example of these words is "Love in the moon", the first subject that comes from the new album. "It is a loving and sensual fantasy that speaks in a subtle and metaphorical way, and that has my style a little more evolved," says its author.

In this recent production took part producers of caliber in the genre, like Mártires Of Leon, that has worked with great figures of the stature of Monchy and Alexandra. "What I do now is a new style of doing bachata, with different fusions to what is heard every day. We try to mark a personal seal and, in my opinion, we have achieved it ", contends the extroverted singer in perfect Spanish.

As a result of this upcoming release, Ephrem J's artistic agenda is already beginning to tighten with several shows in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Needless to say, in this new chapter of his career that begins to write, he is reinvented, but again highlights the priorities that have always guided him as a musician.